UP Police Pay Slip 2019 | UPPPayslip Nominal Roll Bi Data Login

UP Police Payslip 2019: Download Uttar Pradesh Police Constable, SI Monthly Pay Slip and Nominal Bi Data Roll Login details from the official website. Every year there are number of individuals who apply for the UP police recruitment held for selection of candidates for various ranks.

However only limited number of candidates are luck enough to crack the recruitment and are commissioned within Up Police department under the UP state government for the law enforcement services.

There are candidates who have a long desire of serving with law and order and there are some who wish to excel in their career and both reasons are valid.

Thus each time when there are recruitment held for UP police department huge number of aspirants gather up and participate in that recruitment with their dreams. All police employee can download upppayslip from the official website.

When the recruitment are over candidates are recruited for the rank applied by the individual and then after the recruitment those individuals are offered with a specific salary structure including grade pay according to their ranks.

So for those candidates who are out their acquiring details regarding UP police payslip 2018, UP Police Nominal roll number and UP police login are advised to go through the article. In the latter phase of the article candidates will be able to solve any queries that is related to any of the above mentioned UP police aspects.

UP Police Pay Slip Download | Nominal Roll Bio Data :

All employee will get their UP Police Pay Slip 2018 and UP police Nominal Bio Data roll details from the official web portal. The servicemen of UP police are able to acquire their pay slip through online process since the facility has been provided by the UP police authority for the entire servicemen.

Although the salary for each month generally remains unchanged but still due to the addition of certain special perks and allowance there can be a slight increase in the salary of an personnel every month.

So in order to be aware of the monthly pay that will be provided to the individual can be acquired through the UP police nominal bio data process.

However in order to complete the process the candidates will need to follow up the instructions and produce mandatory requisites during the process. Follow the given steps for download UPPPayslip and UP Police Nominal Roll Bi Data.

Therefore the candidates who seek the actual pay for a certain month will need to follow up the instructions mentioned below for the convenience of individuals.

  1. Visit the official website of UP police Nominal Roll (
  2. Now the login pay will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Enter the Personal Number, month and year.
  4. Now click on the Show Result option.
  5. The Salary Slip will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Individuals can also print out a copy of the slip id desired.

UP Police Salary Structure Rank Wise :

The salary of the servicemen of Uttar Pradesh police department depends upon the rank and designation and hence the salary will be provided accordingly. Each rank has a proper salary structure including certain grade pay which will be provided along with the salary every month to the personnel of UP Police.

Those candidates who are soon going to apply for UP police recruitment and are interested in being aware of the complete salary pay of UP police rank wise will find the details below.

The salary structure and grade pay has been mentioned form higher rank to the lower ranks of Up police department for simpler briefing.

Director General:- The highest rank of UP police department is provided with a handsome salary but there will be no grade pay. So the personnel designated as Director General are offered the following salary structure per month.

  • Salary:- Rs. 80,000 approx.

SDG:- Being the second highest rank a service personnel after being designated as SGD will be provided with the monthly salary but without the grade pay.

  • Salary:- Rs. 75,500 to Rs. 80,000.
  • Grade Pay:- NIL.

Assistant Director General:- The third senior rank of UP police department is the rank of Assistant Director General and for this rank the monthly salary is mentioned below but there shall be no grade pay included.

  • Salary:- Rs. 79,000 approx.

Inspector General:- Among the higher ranks Inspector General is among these, so for the rank of IG the salary package including grade pay that is offered has been mentioned below.

  • Salary:- Rs. 37,400 to Rs. 67,000.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.35,000.

Deputy Inspector General:- The Deputy Inspector General is a rank lower than IG , however the monthly salary and grade pay will be provided according to the following figures.

  • Salary:-Rs. 67,00 approx.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs, 30,000.

Commandant:- Being among the higher ranks of UP Police the rank of Commandant is provided with the following monthly salary pay and grade pay after their designation.

  • Salary:- Rs. 67,000 approx.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 26,100.

Second-In Commandant:- The lower rank of Commandant would be the rank of Second-In Commandant and for this rank the service personnel is offered with the below mentioned salary package.

  • Salary:- Rs.39,100 approx.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 22,800.

Deputy Commandant:- Among the ranks of Commandant the rank of Deputy Commandant is the second higher rank and for which the individuals are offered with the following salary package and grade pay.

  • Salary:- Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,100.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 19,800.

Assistant Commandant:- A rank higher than that of Inspector would be this rank and the salary package and grade pay for the service personnel of this rank are offered with the following pay.

  • Salary:- Rs.15,600 to Rs. 39,100.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 16,200.

Inspector:- The high rank of Inspector is provided with the monthly salary structure and grade pay according to the following details.

  • Salary:- Rs.9,300 to Rs. 34,800.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 13,800.

Sub- Inspector:- Individuals who are recruited for the Sub-Inspector ranks will be provided with the following monthly salary package including grade pay.

  • Salary:- Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 13,800.

Assistant Sub-Inspector:- The Assistant Sub-Inspector is a senior rank and for which the salary package will be provided accordingly as mentioned.

  • Salary :- Rs. 5,200 to 20,200.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs. 10,400.

Head Constable:- The rank higher than the constable would be the Head Constable rank, so the personnel who are serving as a Head Constable will enjoy the following salary package.

  • Salary:- Rs.5,200 to Rs,20,200.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs, 9,400.

Constable:- Th lowest rank of UP police department would be the rank of a constable and individuals who are recruited for this rank are provided with the salary and grade pay mentioned below.

  • Salary :- Rs.20,200 approx.
  • Grad Pay:- 7,200.

Uttar Pradesh Police Allowances :

The servicemen of UP police are not only offered with extra grade pay facilities but there are certain allowances which are included for the individuals. Therefore the complete allowances offered to every UP police service personnel regardless of their ranks has been mentioned below:-

  • House Rent Allowances.
  • Transport Allowances.
  • Daily Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • Leave Allowances.
  • Medical Allowances.
  • Compensatory Allowances.
  • Detachment Allowances.
  • High Altitude Allowances.

For more details about the UP Police Pay Slip 2018 and UPPPayslip Nominal Roll Bi Data Login please visit the official website link.

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